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The mission of Modern Trail is to inspire nature lovers to go outside and explore, foster a community that supports inclusion and diversity, and encourage compassion toward all sentient beings.  Modern Trail gives a portion of every purchase to an animal sanctuary.

Chewie from Rancho Relaxo | Photo by Sammantha Fisher | Modern Trail

Chewie | Photographed by Sammantha Fisher


Modern Trail is founded on the love of outdoors and on the belief that all animals are sentient beings worthy of compassion and love. However, that wasn't always the case.  Up until three years ago, I had eaten meat and consumed dairy my entire life.  Then I happened upon the Instagram feed of Rancho Relaxo, a New Jersey farm rescue. The photos of adorable baby animals caught my eye, and I started following the journeys of a precious baby goat and lamb named Clarabelle and Chewie.  Both girls had been rescued from a life of suffering and certain untimely death.  I looked forward to seeing daily videos of them jumping and playing in their tiny Christmas sweaters. Then I became emotionally invested in their lives as, little by little, I learned the ugly truth about factory farming and the dairy industry. When I finally made the connection between animals needlessly suffering and the food I was putting on my plate and in my body, I stopped. I mean I immediately stopped eating animals. No more would I contribute to their suffering. Then I eventually stopped consuming dairy, too. I'll admit that part wasn't easy at first. The more I learned and the more I connected with what the animals endured for my palate, the easier it became. In truth, the only regret I have about being vegan is that I didn't do it sooner.

Clarabelle | Photographed by Sammantha Fisher


The amazing work that animal rescues and sanctuaries around the world do on a daily basis is nothing short of heroism.  These sanctuaries literally work day and night to save and improve lives, and they GIVE of themselves over and over again. They do it for the animals, and they need our help. 

This is why every purchase you make from Modern Trail not only supports a small business but also supports the rescue and care of animals in need.  We are currently supporting The Surf and Turf Sanctuary. Our Brand Ambassador, Jen, is the co-founder of Surf and Turf Sanctuary.  She and her husband were former cattle ranchers; after having a major change of heart, they turned their ranch into a sanctuary.  If you'd like to know more about their story, please visit them on Facebook or follow along on Instagram.  Thank you.